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Meet The Team

The Amethyst Temple is evolving, like all great things there has been a need to grow and change over time to meet the needs of our clients.  In the case of the Amethyst Temple that change has needed to happen very quickly to keep up with demand.  So it was decided that it should become home to a collective of healers and intuitives.  Each are unique in their high vibrational and powerful offerings but working together makes us a more powerful force and allows us to better serve others with a wider offering.


Kelly – The Purple Priestess













Kelly is the founder and creator of the Amethyst Temple, an Atlantean Healing Master, Atlantean Soul Retriever, Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki & Seichim Master and developer of the Twin Flame specific Atlantean Healing sessions which have been created as directed and guided by her team in spirit to assist the twin collective in their reunion process. 


Kelly is also an intuitive and Angelic Medium and works with the latest evolution of the Violet Flame (Lilac Fire of Source) and with the dragons.  Kelly’s specialism is the Atlantean Healing and twin flame specific sessions and these sessions have grown and evolved as guided to incorporate whatever is required to be the most effective for the recipients.  Kelly works with the Atlantean Angels, Unicorns, dragons and Ascended Masters in her powerful and transformational sessions.


Kelly is also a student homeopath taking patients in her final stages of supervised practice before qualification.


Lloyd Light









Lloyd is a powerful energy healer trained to master level in Atlantean Healing. He is also a Usui Holy fire 3 Reiki Master Teacher. He offers Atlantean Healing, Holy fire Reiki, Soul Retrieval, and Guided Healing Experiences to remove specific blocks identified by my clients.  He works closely with the angels and ascended masters, connecting with the client’s higher self, ensuring all healings are for the greatest good of the client’s soul mission.  Lloyd is also a fully awakened twin who has embraced the ascension journey and has a particular interest in assisting the DM collective to do the same.

He have recently channelled a new healing modality – ‘Innate Healing’.  This healing modality offers a multi-dimensional healing practice that will sky rocket your ascension process. Giving the client healing tools and information to take away with them for use in their daily lives between sessions. This healing modality offers soul merge distance treatments, and experiences to remove karma, soul contracts and negative attachments to past life experiences as well as cord cutting, energy recall from different time lines and dimensions. This healing is designed to remove all energetic blocks in a systematic way and is tailored to each client’s individual needs.  Those sessions will be coming shortly via the website but if you are interested in the meantime do get in touch.


Kelly & Lloyd are also related, so the twin awaking process and mission to help others with their ascension journey has become a family one.  Lloyd joined Kelly in her Atlantean and Twin Flame offerings as it quickly became apparent just how great the demand for these sessions was as this is what the collective most need at this time to accelerate their ascension and reunion journey.  Working together as a team they are now able to offer more appointment slots to help a greater number of people.

The Purple Priestess
Lloyd Light
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