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Powerful Distance Healing Sessions to Sooth Your Body, Mind & Soul

Here at the Amethyst Temple you will find a range of deep-acting Atlantean distance healing sessions available. The Atlantean energies are very powerful and can bring about profound shifts and changes and act deeply to release energetic blocks to bring a greater sense of balance, peace, health, and happiness. Atlantean Healing™ has the capacity to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances, as well as clear issues from past lives that are impacting the individual.


During a session, the therapist uses the Atlantean energies and works alongside the Atlantean Angels who are the Archangels that are known today. A distance healing for a client in another country is just as powerfully received with the same results as if they were in the same room. The Atlantean Angels are powerful high-dimensional celestial light beings who are not bound by the human constraints of time and distance. They also participate in the healing session, delivering the energy exactly where it needs to go in the form that is exactly right for you. During a session, even though the therapist is not physically in the room with you, the Atlantean Angels will be with you, directing the energies as required by the individual. 

Powerful Atlantean Healing Session