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Free Healing


I have been guided to gift free healing to those who may not have the means to access individual private sessions, so they are still able to access some angelic healing energy and support if they don't feel able to do this for themselves. This will take the form of a healing list where the recipient’s name and purpose of the healing can be added.  Each week, energy permitting, I will spend some time sending healing as guided to everyone on the list as a collective.


Just to clarify, this will not be individual healing as I don’t have the time or energy offer this and there will be no summary shared.  I will be sitting with focused healing intention and connecting to the angelic realms and together we will send either Atlantean Healing, Angelic Rose Healing or Angelic Reiki energies as guided to everyone on the list for their requested purpose at the same time trusting, that it will be delivered in whatever way is needed.

If you would like to add your name (or someone else in need) to the healing list please complete the form below

With much love xxx

Please add me to your Healing List

This name will now be added to the Healing List. Angelic Blessings to you xxx

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