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Here at The Amethyst Temple I only recommend other practitioners who's work I have experienced and I can wholeheartedly recommend so it is my pleasure to recommend the following:

Light Side Energy Healing

Check out Lloyd at Light Side Energy Healing.  He is also a very powerful healer and I have received his various offerings on many occasions... and I am blessed to have him as my brother. 


He works very differently to me as we have each evolved on our paths in our own unique ways but you may also resonate with his work.  His work is also continually evolving and is guided by spirit, in the same way my sessions have evolved over time.


He offers various types of energy healing and QHHT sessions both virtually and in person which bring profound transformation and shifts.  He also shares collective energy updates and channelled wisdom on his YouTube channel.

Intuitive Readings
Susan Dawn Spiritual Connections

Susan offers divine partnership readings, intuitive guidance, channelled messages and much more.  She is also a good friend and her guidance has helped me navigate some of the challenges on my own path. 


Susan has impressed me on numerous occasions with the accuracy and the depth of high vibrational information she delivers in her private readings.  Not only is she incredibly gifted she is also very good value for money.  You can check her out on her YouTube channel where she regularly posts lots of free card readings, energy updates and channelled guidance. You can also catch her on her website.

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