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Twin Flame Atlantean Soul Retrieval

Twin Flame Soul Retrieval

Atlantean Soul Retrieval is a beautiful and profound treatment that has a deeply transformational and magical quality. As we undergo the challenges that often occur on life’s journey, the soul may become fragmented as a result of shock, trauma, abuse, injury, death, heartbreak, or grief. These soul fragments are then left behind as we continue on our journey feeling a little less complete or ‘scarred’ by the trauma. Soul pieces may have been left not only in this lifetime but also in past lifetimes when fragmentation has occurred. In order that we continue our journey as a complete being and are able to grow and ascend, it is necessary to call back and heal the missing soul fragments and restore the soul to wholeness.


As twin flames that are one half of the same soul, when undergoing a soul retrieval session you not only call back your missing fragments but also your ‘other half’ so you are drawn closer together and reunited at a soul level through this process. It is recommended that Twin Flame Soul Retrieval is not attempted until you feel happy that you have cleared all you need to with the Twin Flame Atlantean Healing for the greatest benefits and success. However, you can do the soul retrieval more than once if needed.


During a Twin Flame Soul Retrieval session, the healer works with high-vibrational Atlantean Healing energies, the Archangels of Atlantis, Ascended Masters, and the Unicorns who are pure beings of light who heal the soul. It is an honour to witness the client’s soul from a space of pure, unconditional love, and the therapist holds space and works alongside the light beings to restore the soul fragments to their rightful place. 


Due to the powerful and intensely personal nature of the Twin Flame Atlantean Soul Retrieval sessions, distance sessions can only be carried out as a combined Skype and distance healing session as follows:


A date and time is agreed upon for your session, at which time I will contact you via Skype. After briefly connecting and discussing the upcoming session, you will be guided to relax wherever is comfortable for you and the call will be disconnected whilst the Atlantean Soul Retrieval takes place for an agreed upon period of time. You may experience various sensations and colours at this time, but that is dependent on how open and sensitive you are. It is important that you manage your own space during this time to ensure that you can relax comfortably and will be undisturbed. You are also likely to feel very relaxed and in need of some rest after the session, so it is recommended that you allow yourself at least three hours of free time after the session or, if possible, to schedule your session on a rest day.


At the end of the agreed upon period of time, we will reconnect via Skype for feedback on the session.


Session Time – 45 minutes soul retrieval + session feedback (approximately 1.25 hours in total)


*Please Note - It is highly recommended that twin flames have at least one Twin Flame Atlantean Healing Session before considering a Twin Flame Soul Retrieval session.  See the twin flame atlantean healing session page here for more information on this.


£77 per session - to purchase a session from the store click HERE

Twin Flame Atlantean Soul Retrieval With The Unicorns
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