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Homeopathy is a powerful system of natural healthcare that has been in worldwide use for over 200 years. Homeopathy treats each person as a unique individual with the aim of stimulating their own innate healing capacity. A homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine based on the individual's unique specific symptoms and personal level of health. 


Homeopathy is a vibration based, holistic energy medicine in which every aspect of the patient and their unique symptom picture is taken into account rather than treating a single symptom, issue, part or diagnosis (for clarity... It is NOT herbal medicine which is very different and has no energetic component).  Homeopathic treatment addresses the underlying root causes of an individual’s inner disharmony and symptoms and brings about deep healing at a fundamental level.  A healing response similar to that experienced from an energy healing sessions is triggered by administering well selected homeopathic remedies that closely match the individual’s unique symptom picture in pill or liquid form.  As imbalance, dis-ease or stuck patterns within the individual are healed the body and life force rebalances and unwanted symptoms and issues can naturally reduce or resolve as a result of this deep level of healing.


In homeopathy we recognize that disease originates first at the mental, emotional or spiritual level before appearing lastly at a physical level.  It is understood that physical symptoms are the body’s way of expressing this inner disharmony rather than the issue itself and as such all levels of being are addressed.  This is in contrast to the mainstream medical approach, which most are familiar with, in which artificial medications with a myriad of potential side effects are given to suppress these symptoms without treating any underlying causes.


Individuals each have their own unique level of health and susceptibility to illness and certain conditions. In families it is often possible to see tendency towards certain ailments and diseases that have been inherited over generations. With homeopathic treatment it is also possible to improve overall levels of wellbeing, bringing greater resilience, an increased level of ease, inner balance and alignment, less frequent ailments, and clear those inherited tendencies and patterns.  Our external world is a reflection of our inner state and it is through our internal lens that we perceive the outer world, as your inner world shifts and changes as a result of healing imbalance our external world and how we experience it changes with us, things open up and life can flow with more ease.  This is the potential of homeopathy and the level it works at.


There are thousands of different homeopathic remedies in existence and this number continually growing, which is in alignment with how many unique individuals there are.  The remedies are made from substances mostly (but not exclusively) found in the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms. These raw substances are then energized, amplified and diluted in such a way that what is administered in pill or liquid form is a powerful energetic imprint of the particular substance rather than the raw substance itself.  In this way it is possible to harness the energetic patterns and healing potential of substances that would be considered toxic if they were given in raw form.


Homeopathy has become the fastest growing system of medicine in the world today.  It is practiced in over 80 countries, used by over 450 million people worldwide and is subsidised or endorsed by a number of governments. Although it originated a few hundred years ago, it really is a system of medicine aligned with our current energetic evolution and its growth signifies the growing awareness and evolving consciousness of people as a whole.  Its founder was light years ahead of his peers in his knowledge and his wisdom and I feel sure that his inspirations were gifted from spirit!


Homeopathic treatment is a safe and powerful system of medicine that can be used for all ages and all people.  It is safe to use in pregnancy and from birth onwards for support with all manner of symptoms from mental and emotional complaints, short terms ailments, to long term chronic issues.  Homeopathic remedies are only tested on healthy humans and are free from harmful medication side effects.  Homeopathy can also be used as a compliment to mainstream healthcare and used alongside conventional medication.  Due to regulations I am not allowed to claim that homeopathy can cure any specific conditions, as in homeopathy we are treating the whole person rather than the diagnosis, but many, as evidenced by the growing number of users, find benefit  and alleviation for a wide range of issues.

I am a fully qualified homeopath with an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy achieved after several years study and training with The School of Homeopathy, the longest standing school for homeopathic education in the UK.  I combine sound homeopathic knowledge and principles with my intuitive abilities when working with and prescribing for clients.  As a former practicing midwife I also have a medical background and have a keen interest in all things related, such as gynaecology, infertility, pregnancy and postnatal issues. 

Homeopathic treatment involves an initial consultation and follow up appointments usually scheduled at monthly intervals. A minimum of 3 sessions (Initial consultation + 2 follow ups) is recommended, however this is a minimum, with long standing issues it can be a gradual process of improvement over a longer period of time.  Homeopathy can be used on an ongoing or long term basis and returned to as and when required.  I also offer first aid prescribing for acute day to day minor ailments & injuries (subject to my availability) which requires a shorter consultation as we are just addressing the immediate symptoms with less information required rather than digging deeper into your case.

Initial Consultation (1.5 hours approx) - £80

All new homeopathic clients (except first aid acute prescribing) require an initial consultation via video call where your unique issues, experiences and history will be explored in depth.  After this consultation I will work on your case, which may take several hours over the course of a few days (this work is included in the above price), to prescribe an appropriate remedy.  You will then be directed to an appropriate homeopathic pharmacy with instructions on what to purchase (homeopathic remedies are inexpensive, a single remedy may cost in the region of £10 + delivery). You will be given specific instructions how to take the remedy and guidance on what you may experience.  The remedy is then given time to act over the course of a month at which point a follow up session will be required.

Follow Up Consultation (45 mins approx) - £50

The follow up appointment will again be via video call, in these sessions we will explore the action of the remedy with discussion around what you have experienced and any symptoms, shifts and changes that have occurred since your previous appointment.  At this point the remedy may be given more time to continue if you are still undergoing a curative response, repeated, adjusted or a new one prescribed if appropriate.


First Aid Acute Consultation (20 mins approx) - £25

This service is for homeopathic support with symptoms of minor acute day to day illnesses & injuries only, not for deeper or longer standing issues as these require an in-depth consultation.  Some examples would be coughs & colds, flu, tonsillitis, infections, stomach upsets, viruses, childhood illnesses, or for support after an injury or with post-op recovery.  Homeopathic treatment of acute symptoms often accelerates recovery time and reduces the severity of symptoms experienced.  As per details given above you will be directed to purchase a remedy and given full instructions on how to take it.  This service is subject to my availability as it requires a more immediate response, and therefore not available directly from my store.  Please email me to see if I have the capacity to offer this.


Please feel free to email me on if you would like to enquire further. I also offer a free 10 minute appointment to discuss your specific needs or circumstances to help you decide if homeopathic treatment may be able to assist you.

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