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"Hi ... can I just say how life changing the soul retrieval has been for me, the change in me is unreal. I knew a major change was coming in my life for quite some time now but what has happened is nothing like I expected. The soul retrieval has allowed me to step away from the versions of me that was formed by others, the must have long blonde hair and be size zero was my ex-husband’s making, he met me as a fiery redhead and changed me into submissive good Christian girl ! Even though I thought I healed from his behaviour years ago, I was still living as the person he projected & imprinted upon me. The weak girl was too frightened to speak her mind or protect her child against his violence. The soul retrieval has given me back my power to smash the shackles of that false identity, I have fully stepped back into my fiery hair & personality! It’s like the spell he cast over me has been broken. I am free, powerful and truly happy with my authentic self. In fact I have never felt more whole and ready embrace what awesome things await me in my future. My healings are on point, my intuition is so heightened, you are just incredible and there are no words that I can say to you to say just how much this has done for me!"

Karen, UK - Soul Retrieval Session


"I loved working with Kelly, she made me feel very comfortable right from the get go, great communication and the healing itself was just incredible. She picked up on all of my health issues of which I have many, I can’t quite believe I am pain free and walking, my lower back is so much better. If that wasn’t enough the past life traumas she identified and removed have literally been life changing. I would highly recommend her services and will be booking in for more Atlantean Healing again soon. Everywhere I go people are telling me that I am just glowing, what a beautiful, powerful experience. Thank you."

Indigo Creations, UK - Atlantean Healing (review via Etsy)

"I can't say enough positive things about Kelly or her Atlantean Healing services. It feels like Kelly came into my life in divine timing--exactly the right moment, for exactly the right reasons. I'd been feeling like I didn't know where to go next with my healing--I wanted to dive deeper into my past-lives, but not only was that costly, it was difficult work both emotionally and energetically, and it was taking forever to unearth all of the pain, trauma, and wounding I'd carried into this incarnation from those past life experiences. When Kelly told me about Atlantean Healing, I jumped at the chance to give it a try. I should know by now that nothing is coincidence--not meeting this beautiful and divine soul and not upleveling in my healing. Kelly not only has such a bright and generous spirit, but she's incredibly gifted in her healing modalities. We were able to go through multiple past lives in a single session, and I felt the healing energy almost immediately. Furthermore, she was able to connect me with my divine counterpart through the soul retrieval process, and I saw positive shifts within both of us within days. Not only is Kelly a gifted healer, but Atlantean Healing is a true game changer for those on the ascension journey and for those with divine counterparts. Thank you, Kelly!"

Susan P, USA - Twin Flame Atlantean Healing & Twin Flame Soul Retrieval

"Absolutely phenomenal. One of the most powerful experiences I’ve had with energy and I’ve done a lot of different healings. After this clearing I was able to connect with my angels 100% easier than I had before. I recommend this to anyone who feels like they have major life blockages or have been cursed."

Steven H, USA - Twin Flame Atlantean Healing (review via Etsy)

"Went for option 1 and the debrief after the healing session was very informative and helped to shed light on some of my issues. I gained a lot more from this compared to other healings that I've had. Will come back again for more sessions!"

Huai Xi C, Singapore - Atlantean Healing (review via Etsy)


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