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This Angelic White Rose Transmission is so much more than just a meditation.  It is a co-created guided healing journey that has been channelled through me from the Angelic Rose Sisterhood.  You will be supported to journey inwards, into your own Holy Womb Chakra to receive a multidimensional transmission of Angelic White Rose Healing energy delivered direct to you by the Angelic Rose Sisterhood.


This is the 1st in a series of Angelic Rose Healing Transmissions (more coming soon... :-); each transmission will build upon the energetic shifts of the previous ones, taking you on a deep healing journey so it is recommended that initially they be worked through in the order that they are released.


The Angelic White Rose frequency is held by Mother Mary, Lady Hope & Lady Clarity.  It supports and activates the purification, cleansing and detoxification of mind, body and spirit of dense lower vibrational energies that are blocking your true divine self, whilst also uplifting you, elevating your vibration and consciousness and accelerating your ascension process.


In this beautiful Angelic White Rose Healing Transmission you will receive:


  • Clearing and purification of your mind and mental energy to release doubts, fears, uncertainty & mental clutter to bring a greater sense of peace
  • Elevation of thought processes towards a place of love and kindness towards self & others
  • Clearing of thoughts and projections taken on from external sources
  • An upgrade and activation of your Earth Star Chakra from Lady Shekinah as a more advanced and effective means of grounding your energy, bringing greater stability during your ascension process and increasing the amount of light you can hold within your energy body
  • Activation & purification of your Holy Womb Chakra to release past emotional pain, trauma & wounding from current and past lifetimes in preparation for the embodiment of your unique divine essence and more of your own soul’s light in later transmissions
  • Activation, purification and healing of your heart chakra and emotional body to release stored and suppressed emotions
  • High heart chakra activation and merging of heart and high heart chakras to upgrade your light body technology with the formation of your crystalline heart complex
  • An infusion of rainbow angelic rays to support the activation and embodiment of your own unique angelic qualities
  • Initiate you as a holder of the Angelic White Rose frequency so that you may transmit this energy to others around you and into Gaia as you go about your everyday activities in support of the global ascension process and the return of divine balance on the earth


This transmission is in the form of an instant access pre-recorded MP3 download.  The energy received will meet you where you are at in the now moment and act as needed at that time.  It can be repeated and used again as required whenever you are feeling in need of an energetic purification and angelic elevation.


Transmission length – 45 minutes (approx)

1. Angelic White Rose Healing Transmission - Instant Access Downloadable MP3

£44.00 Regular Price
£33.00Sale Price
  • When listening to the transmission you may find yourself wide awake one moment and gone the next.  Sometimes our consicious self needs to be out of the way to receive these high frequency energies so this happens for a purpose.  Falling asleep does not reduce the effectiveness of the transmission, but if you want to experience the journey in a more consicious way you can try sitting up instead.


    After you have received this upgrade to your earth star chakra it can can be used as a more advanced means of grounding your energy.  To do this bring your attention to your earth star chakra below your body and intend to ground and anchor your energy body to it. Then visualize long roots coming from your earth star chakra that go deep into the centre of the earth.  Imagine them wrapping around the earth and anchoring you.  You may expereince a downward pull of your energy body as you ground and anchor but don't worry if your don't, it depends how sensitive or energetically aware you are... Just trust that it is happening.


    Your earth star chakra will also need regular maintenance to keep it clear and fuctioning in an optimum way (as do all your chakras). Dense energies are heavy so they may fall and gather in your earth star.  You can clear it in whatever way is your preferred method... I recommend chakra breathing to clear it and all your other chakras.


    To do this visualize drawing pure white light down through your stellar gateway above your head, draw it down through your central column of light and direct it with an exhale out through which ever chakra you are clearing.  Then inhale and visualize drawing white light back in through the chakra.  Repeat for 2 or 3 breaths through each chakra or as required.


    Ladies - be aware that when doing womb healing work you may experience physical discomfort in you womb area similar to menstrual pain and there could be changes to you cycle.  Hip, lower back and thigh pain can also be experienced.  This is a really positive sign of stuck energies starting to move and release.


    Love and blessings to you xx

  • ©Kelly Herbert -The Amethyst Temple (2022) retains full ownership and all legal rights as creator and producer of this transmission.  This transmission is intended for the sole private use of the named purchaser. Purchase of this transmission for personal use does not transfer ownership rights of the contents. Unauthorized sharing, copying, hiring, lending, reproducing, repackaging, sampling, editing or broadcasting is prohibited.

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